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back to the house build

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAthree courses of cmu have been placed on top of the footings. this will facilitate accurate slab penetrations for plumbing and electrical chases. the builder, taz ezzat, recommended this. with this suggestion and many other considerations, he has not missed a beat.

i recently learned that cmu stands for concrete masonry units. i used to call them cinderblocks; why the name cinderblock did not persist in the building trade remains a mystery to me.

wall section moved to on site

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAthe wall section provided an opportunity for the architect, miche booz, and the wall fabricator, bruce jones, to discuss the construction and make refinements that would result in a more efficient build.

the wall section also serves as a check that the wall will be constructed to passive house derived requirements and that the windows will be installed to passive house derived requirements.

this is so much better than starting to build the wall for the house and then finding an oops. my thanks to bruce jones.

in back of the wall section is the house i am living in now. it will be torn down subsequent to the new build. very early in the project, the architect, miche booz, and the passive house consultant, michael hindle, and i discussed the environmental and cost impacts of renovating the existing home. we decided that it was best to go with a new home even from environmental considerations alone.

making a mock-up wall section


fabricating the wall section

to be sure the details were right, bruce jones fabricated a wall section. shown to the left is the wall section under construction at bruce’s factory









the partially finished wall section outside of bruce jones factory


a picture of the partially constructed wall outside of bruce jone’s factory