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plumbing fixes

2015 06 09: the plumber fixed a leak in the hallway bathroom. the tub drain was improperly sealed. jeremiah and i painted the interior of the exterior doors the same color as the walls.

as is usual, we collected all of the cardboard, quite a bit of cardboard, that ikea used to package the sofa. we set it curbside for pick up for re-cycling tomorrow morning.

manganese, hydrogen sulfide, and well water

2015 06 07: alas, my well water has high levels of manganese and some hydrogen sulfide as well. jeremiah and i have recently been preparing the outside shed to accept water treatment tanks as there is no room for them on the inside. mainly this consists of insulating the shed so that the water does not freeze. we spent the weekend caulking air leaks with prosoco’s joint and seam filler.

plumbing and wiring

2013 12 19: most of the plumbing and the wiring are completed.

although not shown in the picture, there are three colors of wire used in the house. yellow wire is 12 gage and goes to all the outlets. this is somewhat unusual. excepting the kitchen and bathroom, most outlets in most houses are a lighter gage, 14. the white wire is 14 gage and goes to light fixtures. orange wire is really heavy gage and goes to the point of use hot water heaters and the dryer.

the picture also shows some orange pipe. this is used to provide water to a sprinkler system.

plumbing and wiring

plumbing and wiring

outdoor faucets

2013 11 10: the pictured outdoor faucet is fed from a pipe that goes through the slab rather than through the wall. this is done to reduce the likelihood of air leaks.

the single pipe from the hose that feeds this outdoor faucet, feeds a second further reducing the opportunity for air leaks.

the faucet is constructed so that it drains water back into the ground when it shuts off. this prevents freezing in cold weather. it’s also very convenient.

outdoor faucet

outdoor faucet

appreciation for miche booz

2013 09 23

miche booz designed the house. he is an artist and as well as an architect. please look at his art and his architecture at:

i needn’t say more.

in basics, i only asked that my house be on a single floor, have overhangs, and a two-car garage. i left practically everything else up to miche.  i think the results are spectacular.

miche has exceptionally well-honed communication and interpersonal skills. he worked effectively with the builder, with me, and with everyone else on the project. he handles problems without upset, even problems caused by others. Very nice!

Miche designed a house that is low maintenance, is carbon neutral, uses construction materials harmless to the environment, has pleasant natural lighting, and good traffic flow.

he patiently re-worked the house details several times so that the very highest energy efficiency could be attained. this had to be quite painful; yet it was done without the slightest complaint. his drawings are comprehensive and accurate. they made it through the permitting process on the first try!  i understand that this is unusual.

miche strongly supports environmentally and community friendly homes and projects.

miche can be reached at 301 774-6911.


drain pipes

master bath drain pipes

master bath drain pipes

this photo shows the drain pipes for the master bathroom, which are made from CPVC. living building challenge has red listed this material. unfortunately, the house will not meet the materials challenge of the living building challenge for this and other reasons that i will discuss when the slab insulation goes in.

the alternative is ABS drain pipes. the plumber was not comfortable using ABS and feared that there might be leaks. so, i am using PVC drains. overall i am minimizing its use.