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without a furnace or heat of any kind, the house is warm

2013 11 14: wow!

this morning the outside temperature was 25 °F.

the temperature of the interior of the unheated house was 64 °F. judging from my fogged glasses, the humidity in the house is high. (by the by, the insulation that goes in the space provided by the 2 x 6 wall is not yet in place nor is the zehnder energy recovery ventilator.)

on the hottest day we’ve had since the windows were installed, the interior of the house reached 75 °F, so there may be a slight tendency for the house to overheat. i’d guess that the zehnder energy recovery ventilator will gracefully take care of this.

so, I don’t need the mini-split heat pumps after all. instead, i’m putting in a hair dryer.

exterior electrical

2013 11 10: the wiring for the exterior outlet shown in this picture and for all the exterior outlets comes from the detached garage rather than from the house. this decreases the opportunities for air leaks and eliminates a thermal bridge.

the wiring to the porch light is fed through the slab reducing the again reducing the chance of air leaks and reducing a thermal bridge.

exterior wiring

exterior wiring

outdoor faucets

2013 11 10: the pictured outdoor faucet is fed from a pipe that goes through the slab rather than through the wall. this is done to reduce the likelihood of air leaks.

the single pipe from the hose that feeds this outdoor faucet, feeds a second further reducing the opportunity for air leaks.

the faucet is constructed so that it drains water back into the ground when it shuts off. this prevents freezing in cold weather. it’s also very convenient.

outdoor faucet

outdoor faucet