Monthly Archives: May 2014

the craftsman

2014 05 19: william brickey has worked on the house from the start. he is the best craftsman ever. he sculpted the foam glass insulation under the foundation so that it fit around the drain pipes to perfection. he installed the interior trim for the house and he painted the interior of the house. i have honestly never seen a better trim or a better paint job. he put up the kitchen cabinets that didn’t fit together so well so that they would fit well. he erected the unusually shaped structure for the solar panels. if you want a job better than just well done, give him a call at 301 520-1319. you’ll be glad you did.

the pilings for the photovoltaics are in

2014 05 12: the pilings and some of the support structure for the photovoltaics are in. as a rule it is better to put the photovoltaics on the roof. this is less expensive because it does not require an additional structure and it does not require trenching to get the wires to the house. i had planned to put the photovoltaics over the basement from the old house; but, this turned out to be impractical. meanwhile, the new house was designed so that the photovoltaics would not be a good match on its roof. so, the photovoltaics will go on a structure in the front yard.

the base structure for the photovoltaics

the base structure for the photovoltaics