Monthly Archives: June 2015


2015 06 29: today the energy usage and consumption are plotted in the figure, which was generated by sitesage energy monitors and the sitesage website.

the huge spikes in energy consumption are caused by the point of use hot water heaters. they use very high energy until hot water reaches them from the solar hot water heater. it was a high usage day because the washer and dryer were used for most of the evening. on the other hand the heat pump use was a bit below normal because it was relatively cool.

2015 06 29 energy usage and consumption

2015 06 29 energy usage and consumption

sealing air leaks

2015 06 23: today jeremiah and i sealed the majority of electrical outlet boxes so that they would not leak air. this is the start of the remediation to reduce air leakage in the house. at present the house leaks more air than allowed by the passive house standard.

we take the covers off of the boxes and caulk where the wire enters the box and any other hole in the box. then we caulk between the box and the wall board.

i was surprised by how fast this went.

photo shoot

2015 06 10: jeff wolfram, a professional photographer, and miche booz came by this evening for a photo shoot. the pictures will first be used by miche when he seeks an AIA Maryland Award for the house. very exciting.

less exciting is that i removed and replaced a cartridge in one of the waterless urinals.

i also cleaned the tape and removed the tarps remaining from yesterday’s door paint job.

plumbing fixes

2015 06 09: the plumber fixed a leak in the hallway bathroom. the tub drain was improperly sealed. jeremiah and i painted the interior of the exterior doors the same color as the walls.

as is usual, we collected all of the cardboard, quite a bit of cardboard, that ikea used to package the sofa. we set it curbside for pick up for re-cycling tomorrow morning.