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manganese, hydrogen sulfide, and well water

2015 06 07: alas, my well water has high levels of manganese and some hydrogen sulfide as well. jeremiah and i have recently been preparing the outside shed to accept water treatment tanks as there is no room for them on the inside. mainly this consists of insulating the shed so that the water does not freeze. we spent the weekend caulking air leaks with prosoco’s joint and seam filler.

air leaks redo

2015 05 31: i worked today on sealing off half of the house. this is to determine which half is contributing the most to the leaks. this time i was successful in sealing one half of the house from the other. i used the same plastic described in the last post to seal the hallway entrance. this time the plastic was forced against the wall using tension shower rods and curtain rods. it worked!

the east half of the house yields 250 cfm. the house as a whole leaks at 350 cfm. i did not expect this result. if it is correct, it means that all of the small leaks in the east half of the house are contributing significantly to the house’s leaks. i plan to seal them up and try again.

the picture shows the set up used to seal the hallway.

the temporary set up used to air seal the hallway

the temporary set up used to air seal the hallway