not prime farmland

web soil survey detailsleed discourages development of prime farmland, parkland, or land that lies within a floodplain or that is identified as a habitat for endangered species, or that is within 50 feet of wetlands or within 100 feet of a lake or stream. well, that’s my over simplified summary of what they say.

i’m in the process of documenting that the lot i’m building on meets these criteria. the first one i checked is prime farmland. it turns out that there is a department of agriculture website,¬†, that informs whether land is prime farmland. i got this pretty map from them. the orange target is where the lot is located. it’s in a soil type GhB, which is designated as glenelg urban land complex. according to the website, this is not prime farmland. interestingly, the nearby GgB, in green, is glenelg loam and it is prime farmland.

the palindrome glenelg is the name of a community in howard county.


One thought on “not prime farmland

  1. Lisa

    The tomatoes and cherry tree look good for not being on prime farmland. I couldn’t get the website to load for me. I was going to see if I was located near prime farmland, but I don’t think I am.


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