rusty collins appreciation

2013 08 22: rusty collins is a foreman for bruce jones construction, the firm framing the house. this date’s blog is my acknowledgement of his work. rusty is multi-talented with the many skills needed to execute a top notch job. he is able to organize a crew to perform work quickly, efficiently, and right. even though he and his crew work with what i think is amazing speed, they have assembled the house with precision and care.

rusty seems to carry around the complete plans for the house in his head. i can’t get over that.

he also has a great visualization. the soffit corners shown in the photo are tricky as the overhang dimension on one side of the wall differs from the overhang dimension on the adjacent side. rusty effortlessly managed the  geometry assembling the overhangs so that they mesh perfectly.

thank you rusty. your responsiveness, skill, and hard work are much appreciated!


rusty collins, tyvek is rusty's favorite backdrop

rusty collins, tyvek is rusty’s favorite backdrop








overhangs of different widths

overhangs of different widths


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