appreciation for miche booz

2013 09 23

miche booz designed the house. he is an artist and as well as an architect. please look at his art and his architecture at:

i needn’t say more.

in basics, i only asked that my house be on a single floor, have overhangs, and a two-car garage. i left practically everything else up to miche.  i think the results are spectacular.

miche has exceptionally well-honed communication and interpersonal skills. he worked effectively with the builder, with me, and with everyone else on the project. he handles problems without upset, even problems caused by others. Very nice!

Miche designed a house that is low maintenance, is carbon neutral, uses construction materials harmless to the environment, has pleasant natural lighting, and good traffic flow.

he patiently re-worked the house details several times so that the very highest energy efficiency could be attained. this had to be quite painful; yet it was done without the slightest complaint. his drawings are comprehensive and accurate. they made it through the permitting process on the first try!  i understand that this is unusual.

miche strongly supports environmentally and community friendly homes and projects.

miche can be reached at 301 774-6911.


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