2013 12 11

brooks grasso did a great job of arranging a construction loan for the house. he and the columbia bank’s mortgage division, fulton mortgage company, were pleased to offer a loan on my old hopkins road energy efficient and environmentally benign house. this was in startling contrast to some other banks. not only that, our build did not start anywhere near the date we provided; because of this we ended up way behind schedule. fulton mortgage took this in stride and made effective arrangements to overcome the problem. i could not be happier with brooks and the mortgage company.

brooks is extremely knowledgeable, very responsive and very helpful. i’ve taken the liberty of presenting his contact information from a scan of his business card and included copies of a few of his awards. if you’re in need of a construction or other home load, he’s the one.

like all of my appreciations, this is unsolicited and i receive nothing for it.

a really helpful person

a really helpful person



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