water efficiency

2013 12 17: mary sper and lauren wheeler of natural resources design, inc., 202-489-6214, have put together a very water efficient landscape for the house. mary predicts the outdoor water usage for the site to be 47,487 gallons per month.  leed baselines the outdoor usage at 179,574 gallons per month; i suppose as a sort of norm. quite a reduction!

the indoor usage is also very low. the toilets use only 0.8 gallons per flush, and each bathroom is equipped with waterless urinals, low flow shower heads and low flow faucets. the kitchen is equipped with a low flow faucet and a very efficient dishwasher and the laundry room uses a very efficient washer.

at the end of it all, we are predicting, using leed methodology that the house will save 134,907 gallons per month from the base-line. leed says this is exemplary performance. of course, this will have to be verified by the leed rater but i think we’re looking very good in this department.

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