2014 03 31 my architect, miche booz, selected some exciting colors for the interior. with all the boxes and equipment, i think it’s difficult to get the intended effect; but, it still looks good.

in a maryland tradition, the ceiling is a blue-gray. it is intended to blend nicely with the sky when looking out the windows at front of the house that reach almost to the ceiling.

the wall to the left is svelte sage, adjacent to it is empire gold … then there’s the dark gray wall with just a hint of purple.

all of the paint is zero voc from sherwin-williams.

wall colors

wall colors

3 thoughts on “paint

  1. Lisa

    The colors are fantastic! I very much like how the blue-grey ceiling blends with the sky and the strip of saffron!

    1. GalootAndPalameeno Post author


      thank you. i had great help with the color! (and i need the help!)


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