rain garden

2014 07 01 the rain garden was planted today. well beneath the surface , the rain garden has rocks, which allow for space to hold water.

this is handy for the chesapeake bay because the water from the roof of the house is directed to the rain garden reducing the runoff headed to streams and ultimately the bay. if the rain garden overflows, the excess water is directed to a 2,000 gallon cistern. if that overflows the water will go to a to be installed second rain garden.

my landscape architect, lauren wheeler, selected some nifty native plants for the rain garden. these include shrubs:

summer sweet
virginia sweet spire
winterberry holly

and perennials:

swamp milkweed
new england aster
gateway joe pye weed
northern blue flag
husker’s red beardtongue
goldstrum black-eyed susan
fireworks goldenrod

woohoo. i’ve never had a landscaper plan a garden before. just the names seem so exotic. as usual my poor picture taking skills are not up to the task, but have a look at a part of the freshly planted garden anyway.

rain garden

rain garden

One thought on “rain garden

  1. Kate

    I love the concept of the rain garden, Ed. And you’re right that even the names of the plants sound exotic. It has been a long, long process, and you seem to be nearing the end of your journey. When do you hope that everything will be complete? Wishing you all the best, Kate.


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