air leaks sealed

2016 10 07: unfortunately the house’s air barrier is leaking to such an extent that it does not meet passive house requirements. we have recently sealed one of the leaks and reduced the air leakage by 10 cubic feet per minute.

the picture shows wallboard and insulation excavated in the master bedroom’s bathroom on both the wall and ceiling. the areas were¬†earlier identified as leaky using a thermal image. at
-50 Pa the house was leaking about 410 cfm. after sealing the area pictured the leak rate was about 400 cfm. the leaks were occurring between the 2 x 6 boards and the plywood attached to them. of course the difference is small enough that it could be measurement error; but, i suspect that the decrease is real. by the by, the leak rates are higher than the house’s real leak rate due to leaks in the erv and hrs that would be sealed in a more careful measurement.

ceiling and wall drywall excavated to expose the house's air barrier

ceiling and wall drywall excavated to expose the house’s air barrier

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