About the Old Hopkins Road House


The house is intended to be Passive House Certified, LEED Platinum Certified and Living Building Challenge Certified

This blog is about a special house being built on Old Hopkins Road in Clarksville, Maryland.

Our goal is to design and build the house so that it makes a positive contribution to the environment, to its occupants’ health, and to the community. To attain these goals and to demonstrate that we’ve met them, we are working to have the house certified by the Passive House Institute of the United States,  by the Living Building Challenge, and by LEED.

A Passive House meets a stringent energy standard. They use about one-tenth the energy of the average house while adding on the order of 10% to cost.

A Living Building Challenge House is the perhaps the most rigorous performance standard to which a house can be built. To be certified under the Challenge, the house and its yard must meet a series of ambitious performance requirements. This includes a demonstration of net zero energy consumption, waste production, and water use measured over a year.

A LEED House meets standards that recognize best-in-class performance and strategies.

Any one of these three certifications reduces the negative impact of a house on the environment and increases its contribution to a healthy community. Our hope is that all three certifications will work synergistically to almost totally eliminate the undesirable impacts of the house and refocus it into a literally beautiful contributor to a healthy environment and community.



6 thoughts on “About the Old Hopkins Road House

  1. Gary Tartanian

    Hello — I live just around the corner, and have been watching and reading with interest about the new energy efficient design features of your new house. I was wondering if you’re planning to incorporate a geothermal heatpump? I recall seeing a geothermal contractor’s truck parked out front last winter, but didn’t see any indication on the “billboard” in the front yard. The reason I ask is that we have begun shopping for a geothermal system and looking for advice on experienced contractors. Thanks, Gary

  2. Erica Roberts

    I’m curious to know how this structure will impact the property values of the houses surrounding it. I get the idea of being energy efficient etc, but let’s be honest the style and design of the house is not even remotely similar to any houses surrounding it. Not that all houses need to or should look exactly alike, but this is an extremely modern looking house surrounded by more traditional houses. I’m curious to know how your neighbors feel about it.

    1. GalootAndPalameeno Post author

      I think the style of the house is compatible with the surrounding homes; but I must admit that this is arguable.

      My neighbors have all been positive about the house.

  3. Sad

    I still can’t believe you tore down one of the houses I was waiting to be put on the market for years for this. No, not everyone in the neighborhood is happy about it.

  4. M Kim

    I am a teacher that lives on the street. I can’t help but think that learning about the features of this house would make a great field trip for my 6th graders. Is this a possibility?

    1. GalootAndPalameeno Post author

      M. Kim,

      Apologies for the late reply. Maybe too late at this point.

      I would be pleased to host a field trip for your students.




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