energy usage and production for july 2015

2015 08 01: the living building challenge requires a report on my home’s energy consumption for one year. i was not taking solar panel energy production or garage energy usage until mid-june. so july data fulfills the first month of the lbc requirements.
july 2015:
energy usage: 584 kWh
energy production: 846 kWh
the energy production from sunpower website (the supplier of my solar panels), 864 kWh, is a little over 2% higher than the sitesage data.
the energy production data does not yet include energy generated by the solar panels that power my hot water heater.
during july, my house had three people living in it.
july was easy. december and january are going to be tougher. fortunately, there will be more easy months before december.

temperature sensor troubleshooting

2015 07 13: tonight i did some troubleshooting on the temperature modules. the data acquisition module is supposed to provide the temperature modules 12 volts. the data acquisition module is producing 12 volts but the voltage is not reaching the modules; and, that’s all the further i got. need more troubleshooting.

temperature monitors

2015 07 11: jeremiah and i installed the data acquisition module to the house’s monitoring system. we then connected it to modules that measure the house’s temperature, relative humidity, and volatile organic compounds. unfortunately, it did not work. will trouble shoot on monday.

more insulation and some overdue maintenance

2015 07 15: jeremiah and i spent a part of the day placing additional insulation into the shed. the insulation is now complete. hooray!

the day also provided time to do some overdue maintenance. jeremiah and i sanded and oiled the butcher block countertop.

i repaired a slightly leaking niagara stealth toilet. there was a very thin rubbery substance that had gotten into the valve sealing the water in the niagara’s flush assembly from the bowl. no longer there.


2015 06 29: today the energy usage and consumption are plotted in the figure, which was generated by sitesage energy monitors and the sitesage website.

the huge spikes in energy consumption are caused by the point of use hot water heaters. they use very high energy until hot water reaches them from the solar hot water heater. it was a high usage day because the washer and dryer were used for most of the evening. on the other hand the heat pump use was a bit below normal because it was relatively cool.

2015 06 29 energy usage and consumption

2015 06 29 energy usage and consumption

sealing air leaks

2015 06 23: today jeremiah and i sealed the majority of electrical outlet boxes so that they would not leak air. this is the start of the remediation to reduce air leakage in the house. at present the house leaks more air than allowed by the passive house standard.

we take the covers off of the boxes and caulk where the wire enters the box and any other hole in the box. then we caulk between the box and the wall board.

i was surprised by how fast this went.