photo shoot

2015 06 10: jeff wolfram, a professional photographer, and miche booz came by this evening for a photo shoot. the pictures will first be used by miche when he seeks an AIA Maryland Award for the house. very exciting.

less exciting is that i removed and replaced a cartridge in one of the waterless urinals.

i also cleaned the tape and removed the tarps remaining from yesterday’s door paint job.

plumbing fixes

2015 06 09: the plumber fixed a leak in the hallway bathroom. the tub drain was improperly sealed. jeremiah and i painted the interior of the exterior doors the same color as the walls.

as is usual, we collected all of the cardboard, quite a bit of cardboard, that ikea used to package the sofa. we set it curbside for pick up for re-cycling tomorrow morning.

manganese, hydrogen sulfide, and well water

2015 06 07: alas, my well water has high levels of manganese and some hydrogen sulfide as well. jeremiah and i have recently been preparing the outside shed to accept water treatment tanks as there is no room for them on the inside. mainly this consists of insulating the shed so that the water does not freeze. we spent the weekend caulking air leaks with prosoco’s joint and seam filler.